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My Journey

The reason for walking into my first yoga class back in 2014 was to dedicate time to myself.


At this time, I was sharing a 3 bedroom apartment, in Jerusalem, with 11 other volunteers. Every morning and afternoon we would prepare creative activities for children and teenagers with low socioeconomic status.

For an 18 year old girl who had just finished high school and use to live with her parents, that was all a bit too much. I felt like I was loosing myself. and that my body and mind needed a break from the daily stress. So I decided to participate in a local yoga course inorder to distract my mind, move my body and help me relax.


The first class was anything but relaxing. I felt like everything was going too fast, I couldn´t hold any balancing poses , I was struggling with the streches and I was exhusted. When we finally got into Shavasana (the final relaxion pose), I could actually feel the blood flowing in my vains and the oxygen spreading from my lungs towards my head, like my body was telling me "Thank you for taking care of me today". As I countinued to visit the class weekly, I could feel my body becoming more open and my mind becoming more quiet.  With every yoga class, I had learned how to be more concentrated, focused, paitent and relaxed. It taught me self-discipline , internal listening and self balancing. It taught me  to persevering until I reach my goals and to refrain comparing myself to others.  All of the things that I learned with my body and my mind in the studio, became  a beautiful energy that rediatad out of me and translated into a more positive actions in everyday life.


For me, yoga is much more then a body-workout. It is a whole lifestyle. It means to pay attention not just to your body, but also to your words, thoughts, actions, emotions, what you eat and what you listen to. It is to be aware of others and their needs and the desire to help them.

Yoga is about getting closer to the divine and make this world a bit better.

It does not matter where you come from or what  your religion is, when we practice yoga we feel a union with one another and with the world.


No matter if you are new to yoga or a seasoned practitioner, it is my mission and my passion to act as a guide towards your inner jurney to self-realisation, empowerment and a healtheir life.  I invite you to join me for a class and start your journey with me.



Aviv Honold

 200 RYS FitYoga Trainer  Reiki Intructor Level 1
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