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feb - 04 - 2018

How To Build Your Life Better Than Ever

In other words, your success is measured by the strength of your belief. This strenght is what shifts you from stilnnes to actions. If you get up in the morning and just want this day to be over already - its time to make some life changes. clearly you are not happy about your corrent status. No matter if its your career, life partner, familly and friends relationship, where you live or your hobbys. If you are not happy about your life, it is your responsibilty to change them. No one will do it for you. No one can make you happy if you are not happy with yourself.

 If you want to make the big change in your life, it is time to start belive in yourself. Start believe in this universs and its anazing energy.  You are moch more stronger then you think. Your capacity is bigger then you can imagain.

Bill Gates once said: If you were born poor its not your mistake, but if you die poor it is your mistake.

Life might brought you to your knees, but only with your strenght you can get back on your feet.

If You Born Poor it's not Your Mistake, But if You Die Poor It Is Your Mistake.

Bill Gates

So how do I make it happen? how can I make this shift?

Ask yourself where do I see myself in 20 years? What kind of job I want to have? Where do I want to live? In what kind of relationship I want to be? What kind of family do I have? What is my lifestyle? How doest it hekp to serve others?

 Make a list of all of your answers and right next to them write the "How do I do it" list. How am I reaching this goal? What exactly are the steps that I have to go through to get it? Do I need to study? Do I need to save money? Do I need to move other countery?

Make a research, explorer everthing. We live in an era with tones of information on-line . You can even search for people on Instagaram who are "living your dream" and ask them how did they do it. The posibilities are enormous.

So stop with the excuses, stop saying "I cant" or "its to hard".  Take a cleansing showe, start fresh and get to work.

Aviv Honold - Director FitYoga Bodensee

"Life might bring you to your knees, but only YOU have the strenght to get back on your feet".


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